Starbucks Coffee Mugs

Think about any coffee drinker you know. When was the last time you saw them without a coffee mug in hand or on their desk? Now you should see what Starbucks coffee mugs make such great gifts. Sure you could get them one of those ceramic mugs with the cute little saying on the side. But how many of them do you think they already have. Remember a coffee drinker drinks several cups a day and at every possible location. They’ll drink at home, at work, at the game, you name it. So don’t you think a quality mug is in order here?

Starbucks coffee mugs make the coffee experience better. Why? Well for starters they’re durable. You just can’t break them. They’ll keep the coffee hot and are easy to clean. Oh and they look good too, which is important since big coffee drinkers will be carrying it all day long.

Let’s start with durability. Think of your purchase as an investment you want to last. It’s going to be used on a daily basis anyway, so why not get stainless steel as opposed to plastic, glass or ceramic. It will last longer and look better as well. A stainless mug looks great, trendy, and yes, even expensive.

Starbucks Travel Mugs
You also want the mug to be right for travel. Not just because they won’t spill while driving in the car, but because they won’t spill period. How many times have you seen someone walk around and bump into something or someone. The next thing you know the coffee is everywhere. Starbucks travel mugs take care of this problem.

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In our estimation the best mug you can get for a coffee drinker, or for yourself, is thestarbucks coffee mugs Starbucks Stainless Trek Desktop mug. It is almost unbreakable because it is made from stainless steel. The walls are double insulated to keep your drink hot (or cold if you use it for cold drinks). This by itself is perhaps the most important feature. Even the most ardent coffee drinkers don’t usually gulp down a mug. They savor it for a long time. And of course the splash proof rim keeps the coffee from spilling.

Finally, an anti-skid bottom keeps the mug from sliding around. Couple that with the fact that the Stainless Trek has a wider base than most, and it is extremely stable. Plus it’s easy to clean. The wide brim makes cleaning the inside a snap.

Now that you know the advantages, why not pick up a Starbucks Stainless Trek Desktop mug for the coffee drinker on your list…or for yourself. You can find it at the Starbucks Store.

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