Melitta One Coffee Maker

Here’s the situation. You love a good fast cup of coffee, and instant just doesn’t cut it for you. Certainly you don’t want to set up the big coffee maker to brew a single cup. The Melitta One Coffee Maker is the solution to your problem.

Melitta MES2B One:One Single Serve Coffeemaker, Black

The makers of the Melitta One Coffee Maker understand that you don’t always want to or have the time to run down to the nearest coffee shop. Perhaps you’re late for work, or maybe you just want to settle in with a warm cup for the evening. Then this machine is the answer to your problem.

The Melitta One Cup is designed to make a single cup, and make it fast. Your cup is ready in less than a minute, and that certainly beats instant coffee. What they’ve done is streamlined the process. No more filters, the coffee is poured straight into your waiting mug. Set the machine into action and in less than a minute you’ll have a perfect cup that tastes just the way you like it. That’s because the coffee is brewed at just the right temperature, which means scorching is a thing of the past. And so is stale coffee since you are only brewing a single up at a time.

But what if you drink one cup and decide you want another? No problem. You don’t even need to fill the reservoir again since it’s big enough to hold water to make three perfect mugs.

You can even try different blends.

There are, of course, other advantages. The Melitta One Coffee maker is small and tucks nicely into a corner on your kitchen counter. If your space is limited, this will definitely be appreciated. The black design is sleek and will blend with most decors. And it’s easy to clean as well.

And if you are a tea drinker (shudder the thought) this machine can also be used to brew tea.

Bottom line is that if you do a lot of entertaining and have a lot of guests that like coffee, this may not be the machine for you. But if you love coffee one great cup at a time, you owe it to yourself to check out this great machine.

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