Cuisinart Grind And Brew Coffee Maker

Are you familiar with the cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker? This is the machine to have for all you drip pot traditionalists out there. You see, when you enter the kitchen for your morning cup of caffeine, you’re sadly being duped. I mean deceived by the coffee companies. They’re encouraging you to consume that ancient canned stuff. Come on, how long ago do you think those coffee beans were ground? It’s time to say goodbye to the past and step into the future.

The cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker can change the way you view coffee. You have to remember that coffee beans don’t keep very long. We’re talking two weeks tops. So you basically want to purchase some freshly roasted beans and grind them yourself. It will make an incomparable difference in how your coffee tastes. This is where the cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker comes into play. When you invest in this wonderful product, the machine takes care of it all for you. The cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker virtually grinds your beans fresh, then proceeds to brew your morning cup of Joe.

If you know what you are looking for, or if you need a coffee brewer/maker that also has the capabilities of grinding the beans beforehand, one of the best things to do is study up real quick on all of the pros and cons, assets and liabilities, of the machine—make and model—you seek. And the best thing to do when studying up is to check out the reviews of real, normal humans who have bought and/or used, for example, the Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker before you. There are a few online sites that feature explicit reviews, detailing the usability, the affordability, the durability, the appearance, and the ease of cleaning of the particular product you want.

So, for example, at, the Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker comes in many models, sizes, and with many different price tags. I chose two, one low-end model and a higher-end chrome number.

The Cuisinart DGB-300BK Automatic Grind and Brew 10-Cup Coffeemaker, in black, got three stars. One reviewer in Berkeley, California says he and his wife love the coffee this Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker version makes, and cleaning it is not a big deal. But, he says, after only a couple of months of “reasonably careful” use, the lid broke off, due to what he infers is “flimsy hinge design.” In addition, he notes that the demarcation numbers and letters have worn or washed off after only a short period.

Another customer agrees that the coffee is delicious, comments how instantaneously it grinds the beans, but adds that the machine is a “pain to clean.” There are, the customer writes, too many parts that have to be separated after each use and the extra hassle comes with having to ensure that the grinding pot, which is attached, is completely dry before the next use.

Respectfully, yet a third customer on Amazon finds this model of the Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker not only durable (and she/he has had it for over two years), but also says it produces coffee [which] “is the best I’ve ever tasted.”

At the other end of the price range and product category is the Cuisinart DGB-600BC Grind and Brew, in brushed chrome. This model also averages three stars at, and also has similar user commentary: one especially forthcoming reviewer gives the pros and cons in lists, telling readers that this Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker “works as advertised;” is great in that it is programmable; has a no-grind option; has a very functional lid; and features a helpful “flavor system” selector dial…which works and works well, but adding that the machine is also “not convenient” and the carafe is not thermal, forcing users to transfer coffee from the glass carafe to a thermos, making for yet another step in the coffee-making process. Another reviewer of this model, though, giving it four stars, says he/she waited a year before reviewing and commenting that 1) the coffee grounds don’t get trapped in the well-made system with sliding mechanism, 2) it has no reusable filter but you can find one on Amazon, 3) the auto shutoff keeps coffee from burning, 3) and the carafe IS thermal, so the coffee does stay hot, while at the same time, 4) there is no way to tell how much coffee is left in the pot without opening the lid, 5) the grinder feature is noisy, and 6) this Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker version has to be cleaned “more often”.

I couldn’t extract any reviews from my favorite review site for the Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker—…which is highly unusual for a site that has millions of helpful reviews–but I am satisfied with for honest and thoughtful assessment of products the users actually have experience with, have no affiliation to, and are not making any money [false] advertising. You can also go to,, and, as well, to take not my word or the word of those who stand to gain but the word of those who are just like you and me.

So you may know Cuisinart’s reputation for quality and high consumer satisfaction. Or you may know of the positive responses of consumers for another grind and brew machine. But now you can put the reviewers and the item together and find the exact Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker you were aiming for to begin with. Enjoy!

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