Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee

True coffee lovers know the difference. And Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee is simply the best coffee you can buy. We’ll go into the reasons shortly, but if you know anything about Jamaican coffee you’ve probably heard the hype and wondered if it’s true. Perhaps it’s over hyped, but it’s still the best cup for the money. And that’s saying something when you take into account that Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is not cheap. Granted it’s not out of this world expensive either, but it’s certainly much more than the freeze dried blend from your local grocer.

Coffee gives us the opportunity to, in a sense, taste the world. And if you’ve tried enough coffee you know that every region has a distinct taste, smell and texture. And with so many different choices it’s practically impossible for someone to not find one that they will absolutely love.

So who will love Jamaica Blue Coffee? Anyone who loves a bold coffee with an intense aroma will love it. If you love a coffee with a great flavor and a bit of sweetness, then you owe it to yourself to give it a try. The taste comes from the Blue Mountain Range in Jamaica. The beans are grown at a very high altitude. The air and environment are clean providing for a coffee that many people simply crave. It’s unique because the soil is so rich and the weather is cool in the mountains. The resulting coffee is as unique as the area where it is grown.

All these things matter…the rich soil, cool temperatures, natural irrigation and the altitude. But there’s more to it than that. Production of the regions coffee must follow very stringent standards which are enforced by the government. The standards are unyielding. All the coffee is hand picked, and every step in the process is fully supervised. This includes the pulping and drying all the way through the grading. It’s all watched closely and because of the high standards, Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee is now sold worldwide.

Back in the 1950’s, the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board was established. It’s purpose was to standardize Jamaican coffee and make sure that only the best coffee makes it to the market under the name Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Any coffee that leaves the country under that label is certified by tasters from the board.

If you’re wondering about the history, coffee first arrived in Jamaica in 1728. It was brought in from the Island of Martinique. So it’s been almost 3 centuries that coffee from this region has been enjoyed. It was surprising how quickly the Arabica seeds flourished in this area, proving that Jamaica was a perfect natural habitat. Production soared and as more and more people found out how truly great this coffee is, word spread quickly.

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A quick word of caution however, there are now several kinds of coffee exported using the Jamaica Blue Mountain Range name, the only way to make sure you are getting the best is to be sure it is certified by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board.

If it is, then you owe it to yourself to at least try a cup.

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