A Starbucks Gift Basket For Any Occasion

It’s always great to match a gift to the person you are giving it to, but sometimes this is easier said then done. Perhaps you don’t know the recipient too well personally. Your boss might be a good example. In cases like these a Starbucks gift basket is an ideal solution. Of course for the coffee lover on your list, a Starbucks gift basket is a no brainer.

Gift baskets in general make great gifts. Filled with treats of some kind, you can safely give them and know they will be enjoyed. They work well for any gathering. Perhaps filled with cookies or cakes for a small party. Wrap it nicely to make it look good, and you’re telling the recipient you spent some time on this gift. You also build anticipation as they can’t wait to see what is inside.

Starbucks Stack
All this brings us back to the Starbucks gift basket. If you’re looking for something unique that will be appreciated by just about anyone, check out what the Starbucks Stack has to offer. Naturally from Starbucks it will have coffees, teas and even some pastries. You’ll get a stack (thus the name) of nicely wrapped boxes, shaped like a tree. Check it out at The Starbucks Store. There’s literally something for everyone.

Here’s a quick list of what you’ll get:

A bag of ground Costa Rick Tarrazu Starbucks coffee
5 smaller portion packs of other coffees, a Breakfast Blend, French Roast, House Blend, and two Caffe Verona bags
3 individual portion bags of Starbucks gourmet hot cocoa
2 packages of biscotti
3 packages of Walker Shortbread
2 packs of Milk Chocolate Covered Grahams
A coffee scoop
2 boxes of Tazo teas, 1 Awale and 1 Chai
That’s a lot of tasty treats in this pack, with the pastries and cookies designed to go with the Starbucks teas and coffees.

And you can be sure nothing in here will be wasted. Even if the recipient does not drink everything included, he or she is sure to share them with others.

As we mentioned, gift baskets of any kind are great gifts for bosses and co-workers. They are casual and simple but filled with things anyone can enjoy. And they let the person receiving it know you appreciate them. Find a Starbucks gift basket like the Starbucks Stack and other great gift ideas at the Starbucks Store.

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